Networking doesn't have to be impersonal.

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Connecting authenticallyCAN be easy ... enjoyable ... LIFE CHANGING.

We pinky promise.


The days of shoving business cards in people's faces are over.

It is time to move on.To stop transacting.To nurture transformational relationships.

It's time to change the world.

Welcome to the new paradigm of networking.

With world-class connector, conduit, catalyst ...

Rochelle Arjmand

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At Catalytic Connections, we help elite executives, experts, and entrepreneurs forge purpose-driven relationships in a high-care, high-class environment.

Welcome home, friends.

What they say is true.



And make your dreams a reality.

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We are living in the most "connected" moment in history.

Yet somehow . . .

We are more disconnected than ever before.

It's not you.
It's the industry.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom,you fix the environment in which it grows,not the flower”

- Alexander Den Heijer

We've REVIVED the art of networking.
No more hiding.No more hyper card collecting.No more name badges.
Within our carefully curated environment of authentic everything, amongst the flow of Rochelle's strategic, guided, action,YOU. WILL. SOAR.

Ready to step into the future of networking?

You don't have to do it alone!


We've got some serious standards of excellence.

Because you are precious as pearls.



Rochelle makes the world a better place by carefully screening for, and connecting, high-performing professionals who have proven that they put people first.



Rochelle intuitively understands and nurtures diverse points of view and unites the world's leading talent around common passion and purpose.



Transaction-based networking is unkind and ineffective. Rochelle has shown time and time again that genuine interest, engagement, and support are game-changing.



Catalytic connections are defined by massive mutual benefits for all parties involved. With Rochelle, ALL well-intentioned viewpoints and visions are welcome.



It is one thing to make money. It is quite another to make an impact. Rochelle is the connector, conduit, and catalyst through which change-makers create long-lasting legacies.

Want to know what it is like working with Rochelle?

"Rochelle lights up a room anytime she walks in and is a magnet for success."

"Rochelle is one of the most enthusiastic and optimistic people that I've ever met! She is a ray of light! Whatever she gets her hands on, she makes an absolute possibility. She has successfully helped me promote several theatrical shows produced under my production company. Now living in Los Angeles, one of the things I miss most about Chicago is having Rochelle by my side to help with my current projects!"

- Elizabeta Vidovic -Almost Normal Productions

“If you have a talent, Rochelle will put you in the best position to use it.This lady changed my life."

“I am an actor and I needed exposure so she took it upon herself to introduce me to a published author who just so happened to need an actor to portray the very character he had written about. The author and I would most likely have never met under any other circumstances, but Rochelle set it up and she even played a part in a certain movie producer appearing in the audience at one of the shows. She is just like a mom and a networking specialist put into one since she will not sleep until she makes sure that she has done her due diligence to each party she is servicing and she also looks after your well-being like a mother to a child. It's two things I believe in life and that is that the sky is blue, and Rochelle will work her tail off to put you in a position to use your skills in the most productive/collaborative way possible.”

- Tommy Caldwell -Actor

"I have known Rochelle for nearly 20 years and she has always astounded me with her business savvy, strong writing style, and the uncanny ability to connect with people." 

“I believe in magic words, totems and good luck charms. In the world of public and media relations, talent acquisition and the entertainment business, the two magic words are Rochelle Arjmand. Over the years she has used her talents to encompass the worlds of television, film and theater. She’s great to work with and always has a positive attitude. And I highly recommend her services. She’s full of ideas and she brings a tremendous enthusiasm to every project. Rochelle is the complete package. Just say the two magic words and she will get the job done.”

- Jim White -Screenwriter / Director

Working with Rochelle.

Rochelle works privately with a small group of private clients. To learn more about her Bespoke Catalytic Connections Blueprint + VIP Day Services, please don't hesitate to book a call with Rochelle HERE.

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